We love our REIONATOR water softener. We had one at our first house and liked the way it felt and tasted. We have one at our new house now. Jeff & Kim, Waterford,Ca.

Yes, we are very satisfied with our Water Tech water conditioner. No more hard water spots and we can drink the water at every faucet in the house. Reducing the chlorine in the water is a big help.We even bought one when we built our new house. Tracy & Robert, Oakdale, Ca.

I like my REIONATOR for three reasons: My dishes are crystal clear; There is no slippery feel in the shower; The water tastes GREAT right out of the tap. Heidi, Modesto

I really like our water conditioner. I can keep my Mini Cooper clean without spots.It doesn’t use much salt at all. Brandon , Modesto,Ca.

I have one at my home and one at my office. Bruce also does my salt service for me. I tell everyone who mentions they are looking for a softener to call Bruce. Ripon,Ca.

This Reionator unit does the job. Our well is very hard water and a lot of people in our home. Thanks to Bruce and Water Tech. John , Ceres,Ca

We have two , one at our place , and one at our son’s. Because we have well water, we also have nitrates. Bruce also does our salt service for us. Kim, Turlock,Ca.

We had the Reionator at our former house, so, when we built new, we bought one for that home. We like it. Phil, Manteca, Ca.

My well water is hard and I had spots everywhere. Now, no more spots and I use less soap too. my other two places have one also.I tell all my friends about it, The REionator. Marcia, Modesto