What People Are Saying



We really love the water from our new REionator. Enjoying all the benefits everyday.

Sue, Modesto

” My wife wasn’t sure she wanted to spend the money for a quality REionator ? now we are both super glad we did ! We both love how our dishes come out with no spots. The shower doors are clean. we really like it .  I would encourage you to call Bruce and get an estimate.”

Jeff & Kim , Modesto

“We have very hard water ,and a lot of people in our house. But then we bought the Reionator by Water Tech.  Now our soap lathers up, our shampoo works really good now. We LOVE our water softener and the way it gets rid of hard water spots.”

Susan, Ceres

“Love the REionator ! It is a great unit and does a good job. Also Bruce does my salt service !” Bea, Riverbank

” We had a REionator before, was transferred for job reasons, now back again in Oakdale. We purchased another REionator because it does the complete job !   It removes hardness, taste of Chlorine is gone, the water is great !”  Tracy, Oakdale

” I appreciate the fact that the REionator reduces the chlorine, sulfates, and slippery feel. The water tastes great.”  Rodney, Riverbank

“We love our REionator because our country well water is really really hard.  no spots or hard water build up.”        Blake & Holly– Modesto,Ca

“I appreciate my REionator because on my country well water I have no spots on the shower doors or dishes. even the toilets stay clean, no rings. Plus I can drink my water without that soft water taste” Sandra — Modesto,Ca

” I love my REIONATOR because I do not have calcium buildup on my dishes or my shower doors.” Desi    –    Hughson, CA.

” We love the REIONATOR softener, our clothes come out really clean and bright.” Brenda  –  Oakdale, CA.

” I really like our water conditioner. I can keep my MINI Cooper clean without spots. It doesn’t use much salt at all.” Brandon  –  Modesto, CA

” I like my REIONATOR for THREE reasons:

  • My dishes are crystal clear.
  • There’s no slippery feel in the shower.
  • The water tastes great right out of the tap.”

Heidi – Modesto, CA.

” I enjoy the taste of our water from every faucet. Not a chlorine or soft water taste. Plus, it is not so slippery in the shower . Thanks to our REIONATOR. Eddie – Modesto,Ca.

” The new REIONATOR is doing a great job on my bad well water. No more spots or hard water deposits. I really like it ! ” Hubert –  Ripon,Ca.

“I don’t think I really had soft water before with my old unit. This REIONATOR has been really great. I get the salt service too ,which I really appreciate.”

Suzie –Modesto,Ca.

“We LOVE our new Reionator. No more spots or hardness. Softer skin. Brighter clothes. Sleeker hair.”

Anne –Modesto

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“We are very happy with our new REIONATOR. The water tastes great, and the ice cubes tastes great. But the best thing is we haven’t used  one tenth of the salt amount that we used with our old unit.  You may use us as a reference anytime.”

Tony —Ripon,Ca

“I like my little Reionator. I don’t have to worry about spots or build up in my water heater. Except for my corvette, Its the best purchase I’ve made recently.”

Harmon, Modesto,Ca

“This water treatment system has made a huge difference in our water ! Don’t go for anything less. Reionator is truly the BEST.”

Doug, Modesto,Ca

“When we finally finished our new house , we were so happy to have our new Reionator installed. We searched it out online and chose the best. Happy too, that we can call Bruce anytime.”

 J.H.C  Ceres

“When I took my first shower with the REIONATOR , I finally felt like I could get the soap off. I really Like that . Water from my old unit did not FEEL like that. We are happy with everything you did for us.”

Farrell , Modesto Ca

“I am a very Happy person since you installed my REIONATOR. Thank You, I Love It.”

Sonja, Modesto

“My wife can already tell that her hair is shinier and softer with the water hardness GONE !  I can tell it it the shower too !”

Paul, Denair Ca.

“I was not thrilled about my husband buying another “water something” .  But, since Bruce installed our REIONATOR, a unit that really does work, I am very happy. The spots on my glasses & dishes are gone. We Had really hard water.  My husband DID know what he was doing. Thank you” . Patty, Ripon ,Ca

“We now have REionator Soft water running from every tap in our home. We love the way it feels and tastes. Thanks for this awesome water conditioner.”

Jessica, Oakdale